The Top 5 Shopify Help Desk Apps

The Top 5 Shopify Help Desk Apps

You’ve developed a great product, built your Shopify store, and have already started making sales. The sky seems the limit, and indeed it should be! Naturally, as your business grows so too will enquiries, questions, and queries. You will need systems, processes, and strategies in place to provide effective customer support. Shopify help desk apps are the way to go.

These solutions are a godsend to customer support teams. They add a layer of automation to your website while simultaneously improving direct interaction with your valued customers. There are many solutions out there that can cater to different ecommerce needs. We’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you and put together a short list of the five best Shopify help desk apps available on the market today.

In no particular order, each of them is individually highlighted below.


Zendesk is a very popular option amongst the range of apps available. Some of the largest e-commerce companies in the world use this solution to provide support to their customers. In fact, Zendesk’s list of clients transcends ecommerce. The British Government, Nottingham Trent University and the NHS are among the large institutions placing their faith in Zendesk to provide effective customer relationship management.

Whether you’re a large ecommerce brand or small start-up at the beginning of your ecommerce journey, Zendesk provides a range of services to help your business develop strong relationships with your clients. This Shopify customer service app comes with the features below.

  • AI bot software that can provide answers to any questions that your customers may have. It is also capable of giving additional information to customers about your products, thereby helping to boost your conversion rates.
  • Integrated email support. When customers send emails to the customer support address, Zendesk automatically creates a ticket that records all of the communications between both parties.
  • The app collects data and gives the option of building reports on different metrics. This includes the number of tickets per day, average resolution time, and customer satisfaction, among many others.


Gorgias is another widely-used customer service app for Shopify. It provides powerful functionality to both large multi-national organisations and brand new start-ups alike. As with Zendesk, it has a roster of renowned clients, including RadioShack, Bokksu, and Steve Madden. This offers reassurance regarding the platform’s ability to deliver a quality service. Shopify users who opt for Gorgias benefit in the following ways:

  • Centralised customer support. You can streamline and integrate all of your customer support channels (e.g. email, website live-chat) into a single medium. This gives you the ability to access all your clients’ data at once.
  • View and amend all of your customer orders in one place. This functionality allows you to refund or cancel orders. In addition to this, you can also award loyalty points, alter subscriptions and a host of other options all from one hub.
  • Set up automated customer service responses. When there is a common query that you find customers often asking (such as “how much is shipping on this item?”) you can set up automatic responses. This can save staff time and boost efficiency.


The third tool to make the of top Shopify chat support apps is Freshdesk. It is a powerful yet user-friendly solution that provides everything you need to run a well-oiled customer service machine. As with the previous two apps, Freshdesk offers a ticket-based system to deal with customer service.

One of the key strengths of Freshdesk is its ease of use. You can have it set up and functioning in no time at all even if you have very little tech experience. Once it is up and running on your ecommerce site, you can benefit from some of the functionality below.

  • Centralised customer communications, with all the information relevant to each case stored within the ticket.
  • Collaboration assistance. This allows your teams to share tickets or link related ones together. Additionally, it gives the option of simplifying particularly complicated tickets by reducing them into a series of smaller tickets.
  • Automation of tickets. You can use Freshdesk to automatically assign tickets based on a series of variables such as keywords, workflow, and availability of staff. Alternatively, selected actions can be set to occur when triggered by specified conditions.


Livechat is an excellent application that simplifies communication with customers by centralising different channels of communication into a single hub. The platform offers report building functionality, and offers 24/7 customer support through automated responses. It’s a great option if you want to focus on live chat as the primary method of handling customer support. Livechat offers its customers:

  • Excellent live chat functionality. You’ll have the option to share files and folders, send link buttons, and also schedule meetings.
  • Cross-platform integration. You can conveniently streamline your customer communication by using Livechat to support all your websites and mobile platforms. You can also import communications from social media.
  • Quality data collection tools. You have the ability to easily gather useful data for reports via tools such as customer surveys.


The last but definitely not least of the best Shopify helpdesk apps is LiveAgent. This platform provides great customer support functionality across phone, web chat, and email. LiveAgent focuses on both ticketing and live chat, and is particularly useful for companies that have a large number of customer support agents due to its auto-routing and back-end coordination. LiveAgent’s key features are listed below:

  • Ticket system with auto-routing functionality. This enables you to channel tickets towards the agent best positioned to deal with the issue at a given time.
  • Impressive live chat options. This allows agents to quickly use pre-written responses when suitable to aid productivity.
  • Post-communication customer satisfaction survey. LiveAgent allows you to conveniently gather data on the effectiveness of your customer support services.
  • Back-end tools to aid teamwork. There are a host of back-end features, such as an internal chat function, which helps to enhance efficiency.

Leverage The Power of Shopify Help Desk Apps To Improve Customer Service

That wraps it up for our list of the top customer service apps for Shopify. You now have a starting point if you’re trying to decide which help desk app might be best suited for your ecommerce store. By leveraging these powerful solutions, you can consistently provide the excellent support your customers truly deserve. This is the foundation on which to build a strong brand image and facilitate business growth in increasingly competitive markets.

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