Engage with a Shopify agency effortlessly.

As a Shopify Partner Agency, brands seek us out for proactive strategies that result in high-converting Shopify builds effortlessly managed with minimal tech.

We design, build, and launch powerful Shopify builds on Shopify & Shopify Plus.

We specialise in providing two build solutions: one led by a theme from the Shopify theme store or one built from scratch using the Shopify theme Dawn as a starting point. Both have pros and cons; a consultation is best to determine which solution suits your brand.

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Grow your revenue with Pluro's 3 step approach:

  • Step One - Strategy Blueprint

    A tailored blueprint for your business needs offers clear direction, e-commerce strategy, goal setting, audience definition, deployment roadmap, timeline, budget, and launch plan.

  • Step Two - Design & Build

    At our core, we harness top-tier engineering expertise to actualize our clients' visions, ensuring future-proof implementations and unparalleled technical assistance. The result? Streamlined theme management, expedited time to market, and uncompromising standards in quality, performance, and scalability.

  • Step Three - Support & Grow

    We nurture enduring relationships with our clients, offering adaptable support options tailored for growing Shopify Plus merchants. Choose from monthly or discounted annual retainers to align with your needs and budget.


We're serious about delivering results for your brand.

Pluro is a specialized Shopify agency committed to helping existing businesses with revenues between £500K, and £10MM achieve their goals through strategic roadmaps and top-notch execution—all while having a blast!

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We provide Shopify and Shopify Plus across five specific Industries.

Our goal is to provide exceptional eCommerce websites that meet each client's unique needs. With two build solutions, a focus on minimal tech and simple packages to grow your website post-launch.

  • Fashion & Lifestyle

    We help fashion & lifestyle brands build eCommerce websites that highlight their unique products, offering customers an intuitive and enjoyable shopping journey.

  • Luxury Goods

    We develop sophisticated and elegant online stores for luxury brands, ensuring a high-end shopping experience that matches the exclusivity of their products.

  • Food & Beverage

    We design Shopify stores for food and beverage companies, ensuring a delightful and user-friendly experience that emphasizes product quality and brand story.


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