Accelerating commerce for Shopify brands.

As a Shopify Partner Agency, brands seek us out for proactive strategies that result in high-converting Shopify websites effortlessly managed with minimal tech.

We design, build, and launch powerful websites on Shopify & Shopify Plus.

We specialise in providing two build solutions: one led by a theme from the Shopify theme store or one built from scratch. Both have pros and cons; a consultation is best to determine which solution suits your brand.

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Accelerated Build.

Launch your website within 8 weeks.

  • Step One - Accelerated Plan

    A tailored plan for your business needs offers clear direction, e-commerce strategy, goal setting, audience definition, rapid deployment roadmap, timeline, budget, and launch plan.

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  • Step Two - Accelerated Build

    Experience our expertly crafted framework to launch a custom, mobile-first Shopify 2.0 website in just 6 to 8 weeks. Designed to scale with your business, it combines speed, functionality, and creativity, paving the way for future growth. Begin your journey toward increased revenue today.

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  • Step Three - Flexible Support

    Flexible support alongside a growth roadmap. This type of support allows Shopify store owners to access help for specific tasks or issues while pushing for growth without requiring a long-term contract or retainer.

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We're serious about delivering results for existing brands.

Pluro is a specialized Shopify agency committed to helping existing businesses with revenues between £250K, and £10MM achieve their goals through strategic roadmaps and top-notch execution—all while having a blast!

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We provide Shopify & Shopify Plus services across six key Industries.

Our goal is to provide exceptional eCommerce websites that meet each client's unique needs. With two build solutions, a focus on minimal tech and simple packages to grow your website post-launch.

  • Fashion & Lifestyle

    We help fashion & lifestyle brands build eCommerce websites that highlight their unique products, offering customers an intuitive and enjoyable shopping journey.

  • Health & Wellness

    We develop sophisticated and elegant online stores for science-backed brands, ensuring a frictionless shopping experience that highlights the benefits of their products.

  • Food & Beverage

    We design Shopify stores for food and beverage companies, ensuring a delightful and user-friendly experience that emphasizes product quality and brand story.


Accelerating commerce.

Learn how a Shopify agency can help your business grow.