Accelerate Your Shopify Revenue

Boost your online store's performance with our thorough Shopify website audit. We identify conversion barriers, compare your store to industry best practices, pinpoint purchase path issues, and offer cost-saving tech stack recommendations.

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What to expect.

Fill out the form with your business details, contact information, and current website metrics, including your conversion rate.

Expect an email confirming your submission and outlining the next steps.

The audit results will be presented in a meeting with our CEO, where findings will be discussed and actionable next steps provided.

How to prepare.

Begin by gathering your data: prepare your current conversion rate, average order value, and the number of online sessions from the last three months. For more personalized advice, feel free to provide additional details.

Pluro's Fee Structure.

After completing the audit and creating a roadmap, the next step involves considering execution fees. We provide a flexible, no-contract support plan where you purchase a block of hours tailored to your budget. This allows us to prioritize tasks that drive higher ROI for your business.

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