E-commerce Strategy Blueprint.

At Pluro, we prioritize forward-thinking strategies, risk reduction, and team alignment.

Setting the stage for big results.

We start with workshops with you and your team to gather detailed information about your business and customers, clarifying your goals. Then, we assist you in decision-making for every page and feature on your site. Ultimately, your Strategy Blueprint (SB) equips you with all you need for a successful Shopify launch.

  • Discovery

    The Shopify website discovery phase engages stakeholders to grasp their vision and goals, conducts business and customer analysis to align functionality, and reviews competitors to identify best practices. It also defines technical specifications, plans content strategy, establishes design requirements, and outlines SEO strategies.

  • Strategic Planning

    In the planning phase, design guidelines are crafted to match branding and user experience goals, encompassing elements like color schemes, typography, and visual aspects. Meanwhile, technical specifications outline the site's requirements, covering integrations, custom functionalities, and performance considerations.

  • Execution

    This phase represents a strategic milestone, culminating in a thorough grasp of the project scope and strategic direction. It establishes a sturdy foundation for the subsequent design and development stages, ensuring a clear and cohesive path forward.

Strategy Blueprint x Pluro.

The strategy and the partner you need to expand your business through Shopify.

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