Launch in under 8 Weeks with our Accelerated Build Service.

Experience rapid deployment with our expertly engineered framework. Launch your custom, mobile-first Shopify 2.0 website within 8 weeks. Designed to scale with your business, it integrates speed, functionality, and creativity, paving the way for future growth. Start your journey towards revenue growth today.

Our Custom Themes are Fully Flexible and Scalable.

The Pluro Framework surpasses traditional pre-configured Shopify themes. We've engineered a theme-build framework that minimizes launch times while maintaining creativity, performance, and scalability.

Benefits of Custom Shopify Themes

The Pluro framework is ideal for new brands entering the Shopify platform and existing brands seeking a refresh with additional benefits.

  • Shopify 2.0 Framework

    Shopify 2.0 offers a streamlined user experience compared to its predecessor, Shopify 1.0. It is faster, more efficient, and capable of handling increased traffic and transactions without performance degradation.

  • Lightning Fast

    The Pluro Framework guarantees that your websites are optimized for exceptional speed and performance, consistently passing core web vitals without compromising on design.

  • SEO Optimised

    Our framework is designed to enhance onsite SEO, facilitating growth in page rankings and improving online presence.

  • Full Creativity

    Our themes are crafted to be on-brand and stylish, enabling your brand to stand out while maintaining optimal website performance.

  • Mobile First

    The mobile-first approach involves prioritizing design for the smallest screen and scaling up. It's one of the most effective strategies for creating a responsive website that boosts conversions.

  • Minimal Tech

    Our themes are equipped with customized sections and components, reducing reliance on technical expertise and enhancing code management capabilities.


  • Week 1-2
    After a quick onboarding, we initiate the design phase. Beginning with the homepage concept, we swiftly move to other key pages upon approval. Stakeholder feedback guides iterative improvements until final design approval, ensuring alignment with your vision both visually and functionally.
  • Week 3-6
    During the development phase, we start by setting up the Shopify account for new brands and configuring initial settings. A custom theme is developed according to the approved design, incorporating bespoke features and functionalities. We integrate third-party services like payment gateways and shipping providers, and populate the site with content such as products and blog posts.
  • Week 6-7
    During the testing phase, the website undergoes rigorous quality assurance to evaluate functionality, usability, and compatibility. Identified issues or bugs are promptly addressed, and performance testing ensures the website loads quickly and operates efficiently. This phase is critical for ensuring a seamless user experience upon launch.
  • Week 7-8
    During the launch phase, we conduct a pre-launch checklist to review all site elements. We also provide training for your team on site management and establish a launch plan with a marketing strategy. Once everything is ready, the website goes live, marking a significant milestone in the project.

We specialize in designing, building, and launching custom themes for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores.

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"The experience was great with pluro. What we discussed before they took on the project was exactly what was delivered and the quality of work is TOP. Our site is cleaner and easier to user. We will keep using them for our dev work.".

Michael Kalu, Milky Plant CEO