The Accelerated Plan

A Shopify project discovery phase, uncovering hidden depths and eliminating risks.

It All Starts with a Plan.

Without a strategic plan, your Shopify website can waste resources and miss opportunities. Ensure success with a well-defined roadmap from the start.

Setting the stage for big results.

We begin with workshops with you and your team to gather detailed information about your business and customers, clarifying your goals. Then, we guide you through decision-making for every page and feature on your site. Ultimately, our accelerated plan equips you with everything needed for a successful Shopify launch.

  • Discovery Session

    The Shopify discovery session engages stakeholders to understand their vision and goals, analyzes business and customer needs, and reviews competitors to identify best practices. It defines technical specifications, plans content strategy, establishes design requirements, and outlines technology choices.

  • Strategic Planning

    In the planning phase, we create design guidelines to align with branding and user experience goals, including color schemes, typography, and visual elements. Technical specifications are also outlined, detailing site requirements such as integrations, custom functionalities, and performance considerations.

  • Execution Roadmap

    This phase is a strategic milestone, providing a thorough understanding of the project scope and direction. It establishes a solid foundation for the design and development stages, ensuring a clear and cohesive path forward.


  • Week 1
    The plan begins with initiation, where objectives are defined, stakeholders identified, and a budget and timeline established. This sets the foundation for the project, ensuring everyone is aligned on goals and expectations.
  • Week 2
    Next is the discovery phase, where we gather detailed requirements through meetings to understand the client's needs. Market research analyzes competitors and trends, user personas define the target audience, and technical requirements are identified.
  • Week 3
    Following the discovery phase, planning and strategy ensue, defining the project scope and deliverables. A sitemap outlines the site architecture, and a comprehensive content strategy is developed. Additionally, an SEO strategy is implemented to optimize the site for search engines.
  • Week 4
    Next, we move to creating wireframes for key pages, followed by designing mockups based on these wireframes. The phase concludes with the delivery of final documentation and a proposal. A project review meeting is conducted to gather feedback and discuss project milestones.

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