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VisualSoft Joins the Shopify Partner Space!

VisualSoft Joins the Shopify Partner Space: What Does This Mean for the E-commerce Industry?

VisualSoft Joins Forces with Shopify

Exciting news is on the horizon: VisualSoft, a prominent digital marketing and e-commerce solutions provider, has officially partnered with Shopify! This new collaboration will see VisualSoft offer Shopify storefronts to its merchants while continuing to provide top-notch digital marketing services.

A Step Towards Integration

VisualSoft announced its new partnership with Shopify in an unexpected but promising way. This strategic move will enable VisualSoft to provide Shopify storefronts to its extensive list of merchants, thereby enhancing its e-commerce capabilities. Initially, there were some reservations within the industry about this development. Many agencies have invested considerable effort in guiding VisualSoft brands towards Shopify, and the news of VisualSoft developing storefronts for their existing clients raised concerns about potential re-platforming opportunities being diverted from the native Shopify ecosystem.

However, after further reflection and discussion with executives at VisualSoft, this move may open up significant collaborative opportunities. Shopify Partners, such as Pluro, can now work closely with VisualSoft to deliver storefronts for merchants of a specific size, particularly those not ideally suited for the VS platform.

What's the Plan?

Initially, we'll see VisualSoft build storefronts for merchants of a specific size, likely those above the £1M revenue threshold, who currently face challenges on their existing platform. Subsequently, Shopify partners are expected to engage in deal flow with VisualSoft for merchants who don't fit their evolving platform requirements. This will get interesting, as never-before partnerships will form between VisualSoft and Shopify partners.

Positive Outlook

Partner agencies and Shopify see this partnership as a positive step forward. It reinforces VisualSoft's commitment to providing cutting-edge e-commerce solutions and positions Shopify Partners to play a crucial role in VisualSoft's evolving customer base.

We are optimistic about the future and look forward to seeing how VisualSoft and its partners will leverage this new opportunity to benefit merchants and enhance the e-commerce experience.

Stay Ahead with Shopify and VisualSoft

Are you a merchant looking to elevate your e-commerce game? Take advantage of the benefits of this exciting partnership between VisualSoft and Shopify. Contact Pluro today to learn how we can help you build a powerful Shopify storefront tailored to your needs.

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