Should I migrate to Shopify?

Should I migrate to Shopify?

Shopify Plus is now one of the leading eCommerce software platforms that companies and brands worldwide rely on. Famous brands such as Kylie Cosmetics, KKW Beauty, Rebecca Minkoff and GymShark use Shopify Plus to scale.

After discussing Shopify plus with over 20+ clients, we have compiled a list of why brands use/migrate over to Shopify Plus.

Total Reliability

It offers unlimited bandwidth that allows for scalable SaaS hosting. This ensures your brand’s online store remains fully functioning and reliable. Because of its reliability, the Kardashians remain one of the long-term partners of Shopify Plus through their portfolio of brands.

Performance Driven

When you visit the Sephora online store, it is speedy and responsive, yet it has a vast product catalogue and lures large amounts of traffic. This is possible because of Shopify Plus.

International Expansion

Shopify Plus makes selling internationally easier, allowing multiple expansion stores for different regions and has numerous languages and over 130 currency options. Victoria Beckham Beauty can cater to international customers with localised expansion stores creating unique shopping experiences for each territory.

One Interface To Rule Them All

With Shopify Plus, you no longer need dedicated admins or costly workarounds to complete specialised tasks. As a result, brands can focus on creating a better user experience for their customers using the admin tools and dashboard that Shopify Plus provides, which is especially useful when dealing with 10+ expansion stores pulling data Into a single Plus Interface.

Success Management

When you become a Shopify Plus merchant, a success manager will assist you with every aspect of the platform to ensure you can launch your store smoothly. In addition, bi-monthly updates will be provided, as well as access to a powerful discounting function and a Script Editor. Take, for example, Red Bull. Although it cannot legally sell its main product online, it was able to launch its other merchandise smoothly with the help of a successful manager.

Sophisticated App Integration

Shopify Plus partners with over 1,000 app developers. This makes the process of integration a lot easier. You can use different apps to assist with various aspects of your store, such as inventory management, marketing, special offers, wholesale customers, accounting, customer service, etc.

Omnichannel Integration

With Shopify Plus, merchants can sell through social media channels, mobile interfaces, online marketplaces or blogs. Pepsico is one such brand that increased its digital sales through omnichannel engagement.


Shopify Plus is more cost-efficient since you can spend up to 80% less on your Shopify Plus agreement compared to other platforms. In addition, it has a quicker store setup time of 90 days or less compared to the 180 days setup of traditional platforms.

On average, most brands will pay $2,000 per month when utilising the Shopify Plus platform; however, this may vary depending on revenue levels.

Contact us to discuss Shopify Plus and how we can help you leverage the platform for maximum return on Investment.

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