What's New with Shopify Web Development 2024?

What's New with Shopify Web Development 2024?

Shopify has made significant updates to help both Shopify partners and developers experience app performance improvements. Every new feature and API update will help you build high-performing apps and custom storefronts for an enhanced user experience.

This article looks at recent updates and product releases at Shopify Web Development.

Built for Shopify

Shopify has set standards for app design, quality, and performance. This way, developers can build great developer apps that adhere to Shopify's new standards. Consequently, your app will gain more visibility, leading to the growth of your business. 

Shopify Functions

If you want more flexibility to extend Shopify web development services, Shopify Functions can come in handy. These functions are scalable and fast and are usually deployed with an app. They are also configured in the admin to meet the unique needs of your business.

Checkout Extensibility

Available in Developer preview, checkout extensibility is an update that Shopify partners can use to build custom and public apps to customize the Shopify checkout. The one-click checkout is a fast, safe, and secure way to build dynamic apps. It also works with Shop Pay for more functionality.

Hydrogen + Oxygen

This new update allows developers to build custom storefronts and accelerate development. Hydrogen is a react-based web development framework that offers essential tools such as starter templates, pre-built components, hooks, and utilities that map to Shopify's APIs.

It lets you build your storefront quicker than before. Furthermore, it is also optimized by Shopify to allow customers to shop fast.

Oxygen is Shopify's globally distributed hosting solution. With Oxygen, merchants can deliver performance storefronts to enhance the user experience when they shop.

New Social Commerce Tools

Shopify has introduced built-in social commerce tools that can help you create, analyze, and implement digital marketing campaigns on social media platforms. With these tools, users can enjoy an interactive shopping experience on platforms like Twitter and YouTube.

They can use Twitter Shopping, YouTube Shopping, Collabs, Linkpop, and Starter Plan, to research and purchase products and discover brands. These virtual storefronts are different from traditional social media marketing strategies in that clients don't have to visit your website to make a purchase. 

Instead, they can shop within the app while scrolling your page and check out when done.

YouTube Shopping

This update for Shopify web development is designed to help sync products to your YouTube channel to sell to active users. It is a good way of connecting merchants with active users so you can grow your business and enhance customers' buying experience.

Moreover, merchants can now manage all their social commerce in one place. This is thanks to the Shopify Admin.

Data Protection

If you want your eCommerce business to be a success, then it helps to build apps that are not only long-lasting but also very secure. To help you secure your data and build future-proof apps, Shopify's APIs are designed to redact personal data by default. Merchants can also apply for secure customer data for the app.

Set App Spending Limits

Initially, merchants had to contact developers to set app spending limits. However, this has changed, and merchants can set the limit in the Shopify admin for their web development services.


You should use Shopify's latest updates to grow your business as a Shopify partner or developer. These updates will give your business a competitive advantage and grow your audience and reachability in no time.

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