Top 3 Reasons For Merchants To Upgrade To Shopify Plus

With so many different types of businesses selling through Shopify, the world’s leading e-commerce platform has a few packages that cater to the distinct requirements of brands at various levels. Making the upgrade to Shopify Plus from any of the standard Shopify plans to Shopify Plus is a big step for a business of any [...]

With so many different types of businesses selling through Shopify, the world’s leading e-commerce platform has a few packages that cater to the distinct requirements of brands at various levels. Making the upgrade to Shopify Plus from any of the standard Shopify plans to Shopify Plus is a big step for a business of any size, with the most obvious factors to consider being the price and main features that come with each of the initial Shopify plans.

Before delving into the top three reasons to transition to Shopify Plus, let’s touch on the available options prior to making the big jump.

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Shopify Plans

There are three Shopify plans to choose from before an upgrade to Shopify Plus. These are Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. The main differences between the three are explained in more detail below.

Level 1 - Basic Shopify

For a fee of $29 per month your business can start selling on the first tier of Shopify with all the basics included. On this plan you will be limited to just two admin accounts. You will also have the highest credit card rates of the three plans.

Level 2 - Shopify

Brands that need a little more from Shopify to take the next step in terms of growth, can access this plan for $79 per month. It comes with everything you get in the Basic Shopify plan including additional features and functionality.

Level 3 - Advanced Shopify

The Advanced Shopify plan will set you back $299 per month but comes complete with a range of advanced features that help you scale your business. You also benefit from having fifteen admin accounts for your growing team. Additionally, it has the lowest credit card rates of the three plans among other advantages.

...And The Comes Shopify Plus

After Advanced Shopify comes the coveted Shopify Plus. It is an enterprise-grade solution that is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands. Such companies often require superior features and functionality as well as greater control of their e-commerce stores.

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The Benefits Of An Upgrade To Shopify Plus

When existing Shopify merchants upgrade to Shopify Plus, they are blown away by the seemingly endless possibilities that this high tier package delivers. Some of the main benefits of making this move are available in more detail below.

Leverage Enterprise-level Integrations

Third-party apps are a great way to keep improving your ecommerce store functionality. With Shopify Plus, retailers that are quickly expanding – such as those with multiple online stores and a large number of SKUs – have the added benefit of seamlessly integrating the existing third-party tools they’re using for their business processes. These tools include CRM solutions, warehouse management software, ERP solutions, and third-party logistics tools to name a few.

Exclusive APIs are only accessible to Shopify Plus merchants who also have the option to double the API call following a review process. What’s more, the limit is open to further increase as required thereafter. As such, merchants seeking additional maneuverability to customize and connect with essential business tools will find great value in transitioning to Shopify Plus.

Using Shopify Scripts To Customise Checkout Experiences

While there is a level of customisation that is possible with the first three tiers of Shopify plans, new custom functionality cannot be incorporated on the actual checkout page itself.

Shopify Scripts are only available for Shopify Plus merchants. They give businesses the ability to customise checkout experiences to maximise conversion rates. It is important to note that a small percentage increase in conversion rates for high turnover businesses has a significant impact on the company’s profit margins. 

To start with Shopify Scripts merchants need to install the Script Editor.

Script Editor

The Script Editor app enables scripts on a store’s checkout. Unlike with standard Shopify plans, there is no need for third-party apps or plugins, since Shopify servers host the scripts. Script Editor is only available to Shopify Plus users. It is particularly useful for businesses that need extended functionality that they can’t get from existing third-party apps.

A few examples of what you can do with the Script Editor are highlighted below:

  • Percentage or fixed discounts
  • Modifying, hiding, or reordering shipping methods
  • Modifying, hiding, or reordering payment gateway methods
  • Calculating VAT for customers in the European Union
  • Disallowing discounts codes during another promotion

Saving Time With eCommerce Automation

Shopify Plus gives merchants the ability to free up time and effort from monotonous, labor-intensive tasks that can be easily automated. The following tools are only available to brands that upgrade from the standard Shopify plan to Shopify Plus.

Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow automates numerous back office and customer-facing processes including:

  • Customer service
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Design and development requests
  • Fraud prevention

Shopify Flow is an intuitive tool that requires no coding expertise. Rather, it automates processes by saving and performing pre-specified actions that are set by merchants. This means brands can easily build workflows that cover aspects such as automatically notifying the customer service department to send gift vouchers to customers that spend a certain amount on the store or have made a specific number of purchases.


The Launchpad tool is particularly useful for planning and automating events such as products launches, flash sales and sales campaigns. Merchants using Shopify Plus have can set up start dates and end dates with pricing set accordingly during the events.

There is also an opportunity to automatically trigger theme changes for specific events. For example, you could change your website design to reflect the festive season during that time of the year. All of the above provides the added benefit of an improved user experience and time-saving. This enables merchants to focus their attention on other business-critical areas.

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Take Your eCommerce Store To The Next Level With Shopify Plus

Making the upgrade to Shopify Plus delivers a whole host of other benefits that merchants can take advantage of as well. If you feel like the first three tiers of Shopify plans are no longer meeting your unique e-commerce requirements, reach out to Pluro or more details about how Shopify Plus can propel growth for your business.

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