Nuddy is an independent, female led, British brand on a mission to make soap cool again. Made from raw African shea butter, their soap bars promise to keep your skin both clean and moisturised. Dedicated to the conscious consumer, they continue to push the boundaries with new innovative products including shampoo bars, soy wax candles and plastic free razors.

Nuddy approached Pluro seeking post-launch optimisation and a full website redesign.


Owner, Kassi, wanted to maximise post-launch performance through a conversion-focused design. Their main objectives included:

  • Development of intuitive website elements reflecting Nuddy branding
  • Implementation of new products with optimised meta descriptions to boost page clickthrough rates
  • Deployment of new promotions with captivating calls to action
  • Seamless incorporation of subscription technologies


Following a series of meetings discussing our digital marketing services, we were able to align the Nuddy website optimisation plan with their business goals, allowing room for expansion and updates.

The Nuddy website design included addition of new pages, banners and vibrant graphics that are aligned to their youthful and fun brand image. We seamlessly deployed new product ranges and promotion through integration of Zipify. The objective was to facilitate access to verified, customisable templates that increased website engagement and conversion, allowing for improved campaign launches. Implementation of the ReCharge feature allowed for easily customisable subscriptions that are easier to analyse, manage, sell and scale. Finally, we improved accessibility through mobile optimisation.

Key Features

  • The website serves the UK market
  • Integrated subscription management feature
  • Zipify integration
  • Seamless mobile optimisation including improved responsiveness

We provide ongoing development and support services for Nuddy to boost conversion rates.

Misfits - plant-based protein bars
Misfits - plant-based protein bars

UX/UI Upgrade, Back-end Integrations, Digital Experience Strategy & Design, Managed Services


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