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London Cashmere

London Cashmere Co. are redefining the cashmere industry with a mission to provide 100% ethical, fairly priced, quality knitwear. Made from the finest Mongolian fibres, their timeless pieces are perfect for modern, everyday living.

London Cashmere Co. sought to increase their standing as an authority in the elite and competitive online cashmere marketplace. They turned to Pluro for a revamp of their existing website, with a focus on enhancing the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).


The primary goal for owners, Julia and Dan, was to enrich their customer browsing experience by helping them find desired items quickly and effortlessly. They felt this would maximize their bottom line. The key brief was to create an intuitive, responsive design that would boost conversion rates through:

  • A contemporary, attractive collection page layout with improved product promotion
  • Strategic mega menu layout with concise categories for effortless navigation
  • Implementation of a new filtering feature for a user-friendly experience
  • Meta search engine optimization (SEO) to increase online visibility and drive organic traffic
  • Application of a bespoke ‘choose-what-you-pay’ feature for sale events

Our Approach

London Cashmere Co. felt their budget was most suited to our monthly retainer package, in which they had access to our developers on an ad-hoc basis.

Once we had a solid understanding of London Cashmere Co.’s needs, we wanted to implement fresh design combinations, while maintaining their existing page purpose. We began by restructuring their site navigation and architecture to a more user-friendly interface. By adding a new browsing filter, we were able to bring more intuitive search capabilities, making their site more functional. Finally, we introduced custom technology for their ‘choose-what-you-pay’ sales events that are in line with their fair price promise.

The improved site showcases their luxury items in the best light and encourages higher conversions.

Key Features

  • The website serves the UK market
  • Dynamic ‘choose-what-you-pay’ technology
  • Custom pages that embody the mission of London Cashmere Co.
  • Seamless mobile integration and improved responsiveness
  • Strategic mega menu layout

We provide ongoing development and support services for London Cashmere Co. through our Client Services Team.

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