Utilising Email Automation Flows To Boost Ecommerce Conversions

While standard email marketing is sometimes considered an “old hat” practice nowadays, it can still be a vital arrow in the quiver of ecommerce marketing. That being said, it can also become a serious drain on your time if you do not develop a strategic approach to a generally more labour-intensive method of emailing. What’s […]

While standard email marketing is sometimes considered an “old hat” practice nowadays, it can still be a vital arrow in the quiver of ecommerce marketing. That being said, it can also become a serious drain on your time if you do not develop a strategic approach to a generally more labour-intensive method of emailing. What’s more, this problem only increases in severity as your business grows. But thankfully, there is an effective solution – email automation flows.

Read on to learn more about what email automation is and how you can implement it into your end-to-end marketing strategy to boost ecommerce conversions.

Email Automation: What Is It?

Email automation refers to the process of having email marketing campaigns automatically sent out due to a specific trigger or a pre-set time schedule.

For instance, when someone makes a purchase through your online store, sending a thank you email is a good way of building brand loyalty. It goes without saying that if you’re making hundreds of sales a day (or even just lower double digit sales), this would be incredibly time consuming to send each email manually. Alternatively, you could set up an automatic “thank you” email to go out each time a sale is made. This will save you valuable time and effort that’s better suited elsewhere in your business.

This example barely scratches the surface of what e-commerce marketing automation can accomplish though. You can use the data you capture on your customers to personalise the messages according to their preferences and behaviour. It enables you to send highly targeted emails that are relevant to your customers’ interests and provide real value. All with little effort.

How Automated Email Marketing Can Benefit Your E-Commerce Business

Automated Email Campaigns Boost Conversions

The most important way that your company can benefit from email automation is through increased revenue. Studies have shown that conversion rates for automated email marketing campaigns can be as high as 51.9%. By contrast, the average conversion rate for US online shoppers in the second quarter was 2.58%. This represents a significant increase when using email automation compared to base levels of website visitors conversion rates.

E-Commerce Marketing Automation Saves A Lot Of Time

The beauty of email automation is that no further action is necessary once you’ve set up your marketing campaigns. Messages will go out according to the timescales and conditions you’ve stipulated. By planning ahead, you can arrange months worth of campaigns or more in a single afternoon. And then like clockwork, you can reap the many rewards without any extra effort on your part.

Marketing Automation Flows Deliver Relevant Customer Information

The highly targeted nature of automated email campaigns means that you can send relevant customer messages that serve specific purposes. Whether it’s related product offers or win-back emails, your e-commerce business will benefit from better engagement and stronger sales.

Which Email Automation App Should You Use?

E-commerce merchants are spoilt for choice when it comes to email automation providers. Ultimately, your decision should be based on good research that reveals the best platform for your particular needs. At Pluro, that trusted choice is Klaviyo. It seamlessly integrates with Shopify and is an extremely user-friendly e-commerce marketing automation solution.

With Klaviyo, store owners can effortlessly segment campaigns, track website behaviour, and craft highly personalised messages. It also provides powerful analytic tools, offering comprehensive insights into the impact of your campaigns.

Essential Automated Email Flows

Once you’ve decided on a platform, you need to get started with your marketing automation flows. On a platform like Klaviyo, there are numerous templates to choose from, which you can adjust according to your requirements. To help ease you into automated email marketing, here are a few email flows your e-commerce brand should be using.

Welcome Emails

The first automated email flow that you should establish is welcome emails for new customers and subscribers to your newsletter. This is your chance to start building connections and establishing brand loyalty with your new customers.

To encourage people to sign up for your newsletter, you can add incentives, for example a welcome discount. This is a clever way of getting your customers into the habit of opening your emails.

Setting welcome emails up as a workflow will be extremely straightforward on any email marketing platform. It’s just a matter of establishing new email address additions to your list as the trigger.

Product Discounts Triggered By Customer Behaviour

As previously stated, email automation flows are ideal for sending highly targeted messaging. This is perfectly illustrated by the example of email flows that send discounts to customers based on their behaviour.

Let’s imagine a customer visits one of your product pages multiple times. This is a fairly strong indication that they’re seriously considering making a purchase. If they haven’t converted after a few visits, you can send a special discount to nudge them towards completing checkout.

Automating this will be straightforward. Simply establish triggers that send discounts to customers when they visit a product multiple times in one week, for example.

Abandoned Shopping Cart Reminders

Every ecommerce business experiences abandoned shopping carts. Research shows a staggering shopping cart abandonment rate of 88.5%.

But there is a huge opportunity to boost sales through automated email workflows. Remember that a small percentage increase in conversions translates to a significant increase in revenue, especially for high volume stores. You can invoke action through proven techniques like offering free shipping or discounts.

For maximum impact, you should set up email sequences for customers who leave your site with products in their shopping carts. An example is scheduling emails an hour after cart abandonment, 12 hours after that, and 24 hours thereafter.

Leveraging Email Automation To Grow Your E-Commerce Business

Email automation is a powerful marketing method that can really help propel your company towards its goals. When properly utilised, it allows you to send valuable targeted messages to your customers. This not only helps drive conversions, but also has the potential to forge long-lasting customer bonds and brand loyalty. Use the guidance provided here to develop a range of strategic email automation workflows for your Shopify store.

To learn more about growing your ecommerce business through email automation, speak to one of our specialists today.