Utilising Email Automation Flows To Boost Ecommerce Conversions

While standard email marketing is sometimes considered an “old hat” practice nowadays, it can still be a vital arrow in the quiver of ecommerce marketing. That being said, it can also become a serious drain on your time if you do not develop a strategic approach to a generally more labour-intensive method of emailing. What’s […]

Find A Shopify Consultant That Helps You Find Success Online

The global pandemic has brought a whole range of new challenges to ecommerce entrepreneurs. This is particularly true of smaller and independent online businesses that sometimes lack the resources to weather the storm the same way larger corporations can. Fortunately, Shopify partners are stepping up to provide the help that any struggling ecommerce merchant might […]

Top Shopify Beauty Stores: Brands That Are Winning At Ecommerce

A vibrant and growing market, the beauty and cosmetics sector is projected to be worth $758.4 billion by 2025. Clearly this is both a competitive industry and fertile ground for entrepreneurs with the right skills and products to build top Shopify beauty stores. If you really want to set yourself apart from the competition, there’s […]

Hire A Shopify Expert To Amplify Ecommerce Growth

The term ‘Shopify expert’ is oftentimes thrown around fairly loosely nowadays. As trusted Shopify partners, we know what it takes to separate yourself and achieve Shopify expert status. This is important because top tier agencies give ecommerce merchants sought-after peace of mind. It provides confidence that comes with knowing you’re safe in the hands of […]

Shopify SEO: A Comprehensive Guide

If you have an online store, search engine optimization (SEO) should be very high on your list of priorities. Shopify SEO done right improves your e-commerce store’s position in search engine results, which helps to generate more traffic, and can ultimately lead to more sales. The good news is that Shopify is designed to facilitate […]

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 101: The Basics For eCommerce Beginners

In general, there are two paths that lead towards increasing revenue for your online store. The first route involves focussing on generating more traffic for your store. The second pathway places extra emphasis on improving your website so that you can get more sales from the visitors landing on your website. The second pathway is […]

Cross-selling And Upselling Strategies For Shopify Merchants

When it’s all said and done, the bottom line is the main metric every business owner wants to know. “Are all our marketing efforts leading to an increase in revenue?” is the thought process. One way to achieve desired results is through cross-selling and upselling strategies. Simply put, cross-selling is the practice of selling additional […]

How To Increase Average Order Value For Your eCommerce Store

If you’re looking to improve your ecommerce profits, there are certain areas you can focus on to drive results. Most of the time, store owners will focus their efforts on increasing website traffic and boosting conversion rates. However, there is another important metric that often falls by the wayside – average order value (AOV). A [...]

9 Of The Best Free Shopify Apps For eCommerce Growth

Congrats! You’ve built your conversion focussed Shopify store and are ready to take off on your ecommerce journey. Your next step is to figure out how you can leverage the full power of Shopify to make the customers come flooding in. This is no mean feat. But a plethora of both free and paid tools [...]

The Top 5 Shopify Help Desk Apps

You’ve developed a great product, built your Shopify store, and have already started making sales. The sky seems the limit, and indeed it should be! Naturally, as your business grows so too will enquiries, questions, and queries. You will need systems, processes, and strategies in place to provide effective customer support. Shopify help desk apps [...]

The Best eCommerce Niches For 2021

Since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, industries around the world have been shaken. Among the hardest hit are traditional brick-and-mortar stores. We’ve seen company after company forced to close their doors - often for good. As a result, there has been a clear shift in consumer behaviour towards online shopping. However, there are opportunities [...]

Shopify Plans – Which One Is Best For Your eCommerce Brand?

When you think about building an ecommerce store on Shopify, a few questions need to be answered first. Chief amongst these is likely to be which Shopify plan is best suited to your needs. This can seem daunting at first but doesn’t have to be if you strategically break the Shopify plans down. The following [...]

The 5 Best Shopify Payment Gateways

E-commerce has become a hulking figure in the business world over the past few years, accounting for more than $3.5 trillion in 2019. And that figure is projected to increase to over $6.5 trillion in 2022. Shopify alone accounts for nearly 10% of the total market share of e-commerce platforms. But perhaps more importantly than [...]

How To Add Order Notes In Shopify?

Enable Order Notes On Your Cart Page You can use order notes to collect special instructions from customers about how to prepare and deliver an order. If you use a free Shopify theme, you can enable an order notes text box on your cart page. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes Find […]

A Quick Guide To Shopify Image Optimisation

As the world’s leading e-commerce platform, Shopify delivers a range of benefits to merchants with websites that are powered by the solution. While images may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, they have a big impact on brand perception as well as website performance. The following post details everything you need to know [...]

10 Of The Biggest Brands On Shopify

As the world’s leading e-commerce platform, it’s easy to see why some of the biggest global brands turn to Shopify to set up their online store. The platforms gives online merchants a robust and highly flexible store builder that can deliver many benefits such as: Enhancing the user experience Increasing conversion rates Boosting sales revenue [...]

Should I Buy A Shopify Theme?

If the question, “should I buy a Shopify theme” has ever crossed your mind, know that you’re not alone. Any merchant who’s ever used a free theme has probably asked themselves the same question at one point or another. Your e-commerce store is starting to make some decent sales. Now you’re considering whether that extra [...]

Shopify Store Speed Myths

The best performing businesses have a reputation for speed. Whether that be efficient customer service, fast delivery times or quickly adapting to changing market conditions, speed can enhance the overall customer experience. Another element that should be added to that list is the speed of your e-commerce store. There are some misconceptions about Shopify store [...]

Top 3 Reasons For Merchants To Upgrade To Shopify Plus

With so many different types of businesses selling through Shopify, the world’s leading e-commerce platform has a few packages that cater to the distinct requirements of brands at various levels. Making the upgrade to Shopify Plus from any of the standard Shopify plans to Shopify Plus is a big step for a business of any [...]

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